A holiday in Louisiana is great fun because there’s so much to do—and all of it is unique. 

Louisiana is an enticing mix of culture and carnival spirit. Obviously, there’s heaps of activities right in and around New Orleans, but you’ll also find also find plenty of natural beauty, cultural spots and cool historical churches throughout this state, from jazz festivals to paddling around in the Gulf of Mexico. Whether you prefer to kick back and gaze at the gators on a swamp tour, or rage with your mates on Bourbon Street, Louisiana has something fun for every traveller!

Frequently Asked Questions about Louisiana

Where is the Louisiana French Quarter?

Like so many other top spots in Louisiana, the French Quarter neighbourhood is located smack-dab in the middle of New Orleans, right along the western bank of the Mississippi. The French Quarter is the oldest part of the city, so you'll find loads of cool architecture and historical sites to explore, not to mention some of the best beignets of your life!

What is the biggest city in Louisiana?

It may come as no surprise, but New Orleans (known as NOLA to the locals) is the biggest city in Louisiana. As of 2013, the city boasted 378,715 people, and it extends to both banks of the Mississippi River.

How much does it rain in Louisiana?

Better bring a waterproof jacket, because Louisiana is one wet place! Four of the United States' 10 rainiest cities are in little Louisiana (New Orleans, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and Lake Charles, if you're wondering). Each sees anywhere from 142-163 centimetres of rain per year, with anywhere from 50-59 annual rainy days!