South Australia

South Australia is truly the country’s cultural mover and shaker. From wine to coffee, comedy to world music, this state knows how to live it up.

An annual carousel of arts, music and cultural festivals sweep across the state’s capital, Adelaide, showcasing a mix of local and international acts. South Australia’s fertile valleys produce some of the country’s finest wines, while its coastlines are unequalled for fresh seafood. The state’s landscapes careen from craggy limestone coasts and sublime beaches to pastel-hued desert ranges and riverbank farmland. Watch and learn – you’ll be living to the hilt, too.

Frequently Asked Questions about South Australia

How cool is Oscar?

he is pretty cool but not as cool as Camille

How big is South Australia?

South Australia is 983,482 square km to be exact, or about 12.7% of Australia's total area. It's actually the fourth-largest state, beating out New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania-and of course the Australian Capital Territory. In fact, it's even larger than many countries in the world, including Tanzania and Venezuela!

What is South Australia known for?

South Australia is a diverse place, but if we had to pick, we'd probably say wine! You'll find over 150 wineries in the Barossa Valley, premium reds on the Limestone Coast and perfectly paired produce in Southern Flinders. However, SA also has a gorgeous coastline, the mighty Murray River, and loads of wildlife on Kangaroo Island. Be prepared to drive, cruise and ferry your way to adventures all over the state.

Where is the pink lake in South Australia?

South Australia has several pink lakes, and they are always changing due to weather conditions. For a good road trip to some of the most popular pink lakes, drive the Princes Highway from Coorong to Tailem Bend. There is typically a pink lake across from the Coorong National Park entrance, and another at a tourist pull-out north of Meningie. Good luck!