Food in the Bay of Plenty

Dine in, dine out, picnic or pick up local produce in the markets... there are more ways to enjoy the Bay of Plenty's excellent food than there are ways to peel an avocado.

Are you a self-proclaimed foodie? If so, you're in for a fantastic treat in the Bay of Plenty. The mild, sunny weather creates perfect growing conditions, and the fertile orchards just a short hop from the coast are bulging with sun-ripened kiwis and avocados and plump juicy berries. In fact, this is the avocado and kiwi capital of New Zealand.

Farm-to-table, locally sourced and sustainable foods are high on the agenda of the Bay of Plenty's relaxed restaurants and cafés. Lounge in a seafront restaurant, head off for wine tasting at a local vineyard or go in search of honey with a proud Māori history. We haven't even started on the food markets which, combined with live music and a buzzing vibe, ooze Kiwi cool.

Here are some food-tastic things to do in the Bay of Plenty:

Image: Tourism Bay of Plenty

Local Produce

  • Enjoy the sharp, fruity flavour of furry little kiwis in Te Puke. Don't panic, it's not the animal... this is the home of kiwifruit.
  • If you're an avocado aficionado, make your way to Katikati, the (unofficial) capital of New Zealand's creamy, rich superfood.
  • The humble little honeybee is a celebrity near the Bay of Plenty. Home to Comvita, Mossop's and Manawa Honey, this region provides the golden goods.

Image: Tourism Bay of Plenty


  • Sea views, fresh seafood, locally produced wines and crisp clean tablecloths. Fine dining in the Bay of Plenty is mighty fine.
  • Enjoy a lavish brunch, complete with local avocados and kiwi smoothies, at one of the casual cafés along Tauranga's Riviera-like seafront.
  • Treat your taste buds to a tailor-made food tour and experience local delicacies, seasonal fare and the best restaurants and wineries.

Image: Little Big Events


  • The Gourmet Night Market in Mount Maunganui is the place to be in the balmy summer evenings. Enjoy live music, amazing foods and all things kiwi in a festival atmosphere.
  • Buy locally produced foods straight from the hands that farmed them at the Tauranga Farmers Market. Come hungry.
  • The Little Big Markets in Tauranga, in conjunction with top festivals, are a place to meet people, eat seriously good food and listen to live music.

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