Queensland Museum and Sciencentre

Expand your mind in this learning facility, with informative exhibits, scientific shows and interactive displays relating to light, time and the human brain.

Let your scientific curiosity run wild with hands-on exhibits and educational shows at the Brisbane Sciencentre, located on the first floor of the Queensland Museum. Kids and parents alike will love the innovative displays and fun experiments you can perform yourself. Take a few hours and enjoy journeying into the scientific world.

Let the kids loose in the Sciencentre’s educational exhibits. Each exhibit is an engaging blend of imagination and reason, ensuring that they’ll have fun while they learn. Watch them find out how vibrations create sound or why the last bit of water in the bath spins like a tornado when you pull the plug and many other real world scenarios. Exhibits change often, so come back for a return visit if you get the chance.

While kids experiment with the displays, adult visitors will enjoy fine-tuning their knowledge of the working world. Watch exhibitions that explain how solar power and telephones operate and you might find yourself learning something new.

For a giggle, head to the optical illusions corner, where mirrors and walls are placed strategically to trick your eye and distort your reflection. Bring your camera and photograph the kids as they create funny mirror versions of themselves.

Be sure to take advantage of the other floors of the Queensland Museum during your visit, with exhibits displaying historical artifacts and authentic fossils. Call before your visit to check for upcoming events, which explore and celebrate ancient cultures like the Egyptians or the Romans.

Tickets for the Sciencentre can be purchased from the second floor of the Queensland Museum at Southbank’s cultural forecourt. The complex is open daily except major public holidays and is wheelchair accessible. Drive to the museum and use its paid underground parking lot, or get there via the frequent train and bus services that pass nearby from the city center.