ANZAC Square War Memorial

Stirring tributes and grand architecture will have you reflecting on Brisbane’s military sacrifices at this historic war memorial in the heart of the city.

The peaceful ANZAC Square War Memorial invites you to pause for a moment in its dignified formal garden and stately Shrine of Remembrance. Admire the shrine’s beautiful Grecian pillars made of local sandstone and inscribed with the names of significant battle sites in which Australian troops have fought.

Climb up the main staircase to find the Eternal Flame of Remembrance burning in its bronze urn at the centre of the Shrine. Lit when the memorial was constructed in 1930, the flame represents the perpetual memory of the Australian soldiers who lost their lives in battle.

Visit the Shrine of Memories, which is located in the crypt underneath the memorial and accessible via an entrance under the main stairway. Ponder the crypt’s moving plaques dedicated to servicemen and women who lost their lives in battles ranging from World War I to present-day peacekeeping missions. Marvel at the beautifully illuminated mosaic created in 1959 by a retired Brisbane dentist, who reportedly spent 2 years arranging the artwork’s thousands of pieces of hand-cut Venetian glass.

Wander the gardens to admire the historic bronze statues and fishponds and take a break with lunch under one of the shady bottle trees.

The memorial is conveniently located in the city centre and is easily accessible by public bus, taxi or train. Visit outside of peak-hour travel times to avoid the crowds from the adjacent Central Station. The square is open at all times. The city’s central pedestrian mall is only a 2-minute walk away and has a wide variety of shops, cafés and accommodation options.

The convenient location of the beautiful historic ANZAC Square War Memorial makes it a great place to reflect on some local history or simply take a break from the busy city centre in the tranquil garden.