The gateway to outback adventures and a laid-back state of mind that few other capitals can match - get ready for Darwin’s warm Top End embrace.

Galleries and artists’ studios showcase Darwin’s rich Aboriginal heritage, while the city’s dining scene and balmy markets represent residents from over 50 different nations. Darwin’s menus tout tropical produce and fresh seafood. Outside of town, find secret swimming holes notched into red-rock escarpments, island adventures and croc-spotting cruises.

Frequently Asked Questions about Darwin

How did the city of Darwin get its name?

The smallest of the Australian capital cities got its name from the famous naturalist Charles Darwin. You know, the guy who wrote "On the Origin of Species" and sailed around on a ship named after a dog (HMS Beagle)? He's kind of a big deal.

How far is Humpty Doo from Darwin?

Humpty Doo is about 40km southwest of Darwin-about a half-hour drive. It's a cool stopping point on the road to Kakadu National Park, and it's home to that famous 13-metre Boxing Croc statue. Yes, you want a picture with him.

When is the wet season in Darwin?

Darwin's wet season runs from November until April. It's rainy and humid, as you might expect, but monsoon storms can also hit the city during this time.