Alice Springs Desert Park

Discover nocturnal creatures of the desert, learn the survival skills of the Arrernte people and walk alongside kangaroos and emus in this nature park. 

In the Alice Springs Desert Park, just outside Alice Springs, you’ll discover the birds, reptiles and mammals of Central Australia. Learn about the living culture and history of the Arrernte indigenous people who have interacted with these animals, plants and landscapes for thousands of years.

The park is divided into walk-through habitats where you can get close to the animals. In the Desert Rivers habitat, encounter the screeching cockatoos, finches, fish and reptiles that populate the waterholes and dry riverbeds of the outback. Sit under the shade of a Coolabah tree and admire the beautiful red river gums. Discover some of the foods and medicines the Arrernte people gather from this landscape.

Sand Country displays the parched environment of the desert, with its knob-tailed geckos and colourful lizards known as sand swimmers. In the Woodland you’ll find the iconic animals from Australia’s coat of arms: the emu and the kangaroo.

Don’t miss the Nocturnal House where you’ll discover some of the rare creatures that you aren’t likely to see in the wild such as the bilby, southern marsupial mole and spinifex-hopping mouse. Admire the creatures that come out to feed in the cool of the evening, such as snakes, lizards and hare-wallabies known as mala.

Take the Bird Walkabout tour for a fee early in the morning when the birds are welcoming in the new day. Visit the park after dusk for a true sensory experience of the sounds and smells of night in the desert. Bring a torch to spot the nocturnal animals that can be hard to see in the wild.

At the Nature Theatre you’ll be close enough to the free-flying birds of prey to hear the swoosh of wing feathers.

Pick up a multi-language audio guide on the way in to the park. Get an insight into the ecological importance of the habitats, the conservation work done here and the Wild Dog and Caterpillar dreaming stories of the Arrernte people.

The Desert Park is open every day and there’s a fee for admission. The Nocturnal Walkabout after dark for an extra fee.

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