Mamanuca Islands

These islands of Fiji are maybe the most picture-perfect, and that’s with stiff competition! 

White sandy beaches, bright blue water and coral reefs: you’ll want to see the Mamanuca Islands for yourself. It’s an ideal spot for water sports, whether it’s snorkelling with the family, exploring dive sites or getting out on a surfboard. The Mamanucas are the group of islands closest to Nadi International Airport, with travel by boat and air readily available to your accommodation. Pack your days full of fun and relax each warm, romantic evening. You’ll be pinching yourself the whole time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mamanuca Islands

How many islands are there? Which one should I stay on?

Mamanuca Islands is a volcanic archipelago that sits to the west of Fiji's main island, Viti Levu. There are around 20 islands in the chain, although not all of them are inhabited (some are not even above water during high tide). Each palm-fringed island is the stuff of daydreams, so it can be hard to choose one to settle on. Ultimately, it depends on the type of escape you're looking for. Is rest and relaxation your number one priority? Spend your days going from your beach towel to the thriving coral reefs of Castaway Island. For a larger range of activities - including plenty to keep the kids busy - set sail for Beachcomber Island. For the Robinson Crusoe experience, head off and explore the scenic wilderness of Bounty Island.

What kind of activities are on offer?

Windsurfing, snorkelling, glass-bottom boat tours - there's something for all ages in the Mamanuca Islands. If you're ready to step it up from snorkelling to scuba diving, you'll find a range of PADI-accredited dive instructors to choose from. Of course, there's plenty to do on dry land as well. Explore the islands by foot or bicycle and keep an eye out for the colourful birdlife. Need a break from all the exercise? Sit down, learn some new skills and create your very own authentic souvenirs at a Fijian craft workshop.

Is it true Cast Away was filmed here?

As confusing as it may be, the classic Tom Hanks movie was not actually filmed on Castaway Island in the Mamanucas. The real-life film set is to be found instead on the nearby Monuriki Island. A number of companies run tours out to it, and note that there's plenty more to see here than just the oddly familiar palm-fringed beaches. Some rare and fascinating wildlife call this island home. Most notably, it's one of only three islands in the world where the endangered Fiji crested iguana lives. Its shores are also a haven for turtles and seabirds.

What local foods should be on my "must try" list?

It shouldn't come as a surprise that seafood features heavily on Fijian menus. Apart from that, expect to see a lot of coconut, as well as root vegetables such as taro and cassava. One traditional delicacy that you won't want to miss is "lovo", a mouthwatering combination of meat and vegetables wrapped in banana leaf and cooked in a specially made fire pit. If you're feeling adventurous, "kokoda" is another must-try dish. Marinated in coconut cream, lime and tomatoes, it promises to be one of the most delicious raw-fish meals you've ever eaten.