Gantheaume Point

Check out dinosaur footprints, a historic lighthouse and mesmerising red-rock formations that contrast with the turquoise water at this rocky headland.

Gantheaume Point is a red-sandstone headland that juts out into the Indian Ocean from beautiful Cable Beach. Explore the stunning landscape of rust-hued rocks set against a backdrop of bright blue waters, check out the towering steel lighthouse and marvel at the prehistoric dinosaur footprints etched into the rocks on the beach.

At the tip of Gantheaume Point, you’ll find an informative sign that highlights the history and ecology of the area. Wander around the Mars-like landscape and note the stunning red tones of the sandstone underfoot. The rocks, which are weathered by wind and water, form intriguing shapes along the shoreline. See rock pools and stunning sunset-coloured streaks in the rocky outcrops. Set against the dazzling blue of the Indian Ocean, this spot is sure to please any photographer.

Don’t miss the mysterious footprints left by dinosaurs over 130 million years ago. A track leads from the information point to a series of casts of the footprints located farther out to sea. Kids will love comparing their foot sizes with those of the dinosaurs.

Visible only at very low tides, the real fossilised footprints were imprinted into reef rock about 30 metres (98.4 feet) out from the shore. If you choose to find the original footprints, wear sturdy shoes as the rocks can be slippery and be sure to monitor Broome’s fast-moving tides.

There is a small patch of sandy beach amid the rocks, however lifeguards do not patrol it and jellyfish make the waters dangerous between November and May. It is, however, a great place to bring a picnic and take in the magnificent views of the red rocks and gentle ocean waves.

Look for the skeletal tower of the Gantheaume Point Lighthouse, a steel structure that was built to guide ships around the point. The lighthouse dates back to 1906, although the current structure was built in 1984.

To the north, you’ll find the long, sandy stretch of Cable Beach, a popular spot for camel tours. Patrolling lifeguards make this area a safe place to swim.

Gantheaume Point is a 10-minute drive west from Broome’s town centre, at the end of an unsealed road. Parking is available near to the information point.

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