Western Australia

Vast interiors, 12,000 kilometres of pristine coastline, easy-going cities and the Dreamtime - Western Australia is filled with roads to adventure.

The country’s biggest state can’t be neatly packaged in a postcard; Western Australia’s huge skies, desert plains and snow-white beaches won’t fit in the frame. To do WA, you have to use every sense. Taste award-winning wines, smell fragrant jarrah forests, listen to the lapping Indian Ocean and touch ancient red-rock landscapes. Most of all, see the exceptional diversity of Western Australia’s cities, cuisines and cultures. Perth and Fremantle bring eclectic energy, while beachfront resorts keep it low key.

Frequently Asked Questions about Western Australia

What is the highest mountain in Western Australia?

Mount Meharry soars 1,253m into the sky in the Hamersley Range of Western Australia. Located in the northern part of the state, it's in the southeast corner of Karijini National Park, a well-known destination for outdoorsy folk. Did you think the highest mountain was Mount Bruce? Common mistake, but Mount Bruce is actually about 18m shorter. However, it's in the same park-why not climb them both?

Where can I find fossils in Western Australia?

Fossils are everywhere in WA. One of the most popular-and easily accessible-are the stromatolites at Hamelin Pool, in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area. These are considered "living fossils", which only exist in two places on earth! Another well-known destination is Mammoth Cave, south of Busselton, where you can see fossils of the largest extinct marsupials, Zygomaturus (about the size of a cow).

Are koalas found in Western Australia?

Koalas aren't found in the wild in Western Australia-and haven't been for at least 10,000 years. However, you can still get your cute koala fix at the Perth Zoo, which has its own eucalyptus farm to feed these picky eaters. There's also Cohunu Koala Park, the only spot where you can take a photo holding one, and Caversham Wildlife Park, which has wombats and kangaroo feeding in addition to koalas.