Extending from the eastern fringe of Melbourne to the New South Wales border, Gippsland is a fertile region rich in contrasts.

A day in Gippsland might have you zigzagging down snow-dusted slopes to exploring rolling farmland. Trade temperate rainforest for seemingly endless beaches and lake-studded landscapes. Sometimes you might share the serenity with a couple of birds; other times, a whole town will join you for the view. Some of Melbourne’s finest produce is grown and gathered in these fertile plains. Follow the process from paddock to plate when you visit farm-gate restaurants and busy markets.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gippsland

What's on in Gippsland?

The question is what isn't on in Gippsland? Do you like an idyllic beach that stretches forever? Splendid, because Ninety Mile Beach is one of the longest and most beautiful stretches around the world. Oh, you like to eat fine meals while holidaying? Well, Gipplsand is known for its food tourism. Whatever you're wanting, chances are Gippsland has it.

Why does Gippsland Lake glow?

Because it's haunted by ghostly platypuses. Okay, not really. Its neon blue aurora is due to bioluminescence. When small marine invertebrates are disturbed, they set off an enzymatic reaction that produces this eerie but beautiful glow. Totally harmless, mate.