North Gorge Walk

Traverse the winding paths, spot iconic wildlife or just be mesmerized by sweeping oceanic views along this thrilling North Stradbroke Island walk.

North Gorge Walk straddles the rocky headland that juts out into the ocean on the northeast tip of North Stradbroke Island. Located beside the tranquil coastal village of Point Lookout, the popular loop walk is an easy way to take in some of the island’s most dramatic scenery.

Take your camera or binoculars with you as you head out along the North Gorge Walk. Although an easy walk of three quarters of a mile (1.2 kilometers), there is a lot packed into this winding path and the wildlife on the land, in the sea and in the sky is plentiful.

Look for the kangaroos that can often be seen grazing on the grass, while birds flit among the trees. The native flora provides a beautiful backdrop with the pandanus, the so-called “walking tree,” a common feature all along this coast.

Gaze out to sea as the path opens up to delight walkers with panoramic ocean views. The clear waters offer the chance to see a variety of iconic wildlife. Watch for playful dolphins surfing through the waves, sharks or stingrays cruising the rocky shoreline and turtles surfacing for a fresh breath of air. Visit between June and November to spy the migrating humpback whales as these majestic marine mammals cruise by or breach the surface.

Follow the path as it sweeps inland to follow the actual gorge itself. Millennia of pounding waves have sculpted the landscape into a narrow, rugged channel. Watch as the turquoise waves continue to roll in and work away at the rocks with infinite persistence.

Stop along the way at some of the broad, flat expanses of rock that you can safely access. Towards the end of the walk look down on the pristine white stretch of sand of Main Beach. Finally, the path will lead you to the end of the walk at Headland Park. Enjoy the picnic area, children's playground and toilet facilities of this family-friendly park.

North Gorge Walk is easily reached on foot from most parts of Point Lookout. Free parking is available beside the park and along Mooloomba Road. This spot is also easily reached by bus from other parts of the island, including the terminal for ferries to Brisbane.