The Robert Bateman Centre

Embark on a journey through a lifetime of beautiful nature-inspired art, all created by a Canadian icon, at this delightful gallery.

Visit the Robert Bateman Centre to gain insight into the life and work of one of Canada’s most admired artists. Get a sense of this intriguing man’s deep devotion to nature by browsing the eclectic permanent collections and temporary exhibits. As you explore, encounter a carefully curated selection of Robert Bateman’s most influential nature-inspired sketches, paintings and sculptures.

Born in 1930, Robert Bateman has spent his entire life drawing artistic inspiration from the natural world and advocating for conservation. Visitors to this center will see many different types of animal and plant life represented in his iconic images of wildlife. However, his long-standing fascination with birds can be traced especially clearly through the pieces on display in this gallery.

Marvel at photorealistic paintings capturing the detail of a bird’s wing feathers. Listen to the bird calls specially recorded to accompany the works in the gallery and imagine yourself out in the wilderness, hearing the real versions of these magical sounds.

Visit the gift shop to take home a print of one of Robert Bateman’s works. You can easily find the perfect souvenir of your time in Victoria here, in the form of an art piece capturing the unique local scenery and fauna. Also on sale are books offering more in-depth information on the life of this revered Canadian.

Be sure to research what’s on here before visiting, as the center is used as a venue for many different types of event. These include special programs to help foster creativity in children. If you have arty kids, this is the place to look for events that will inspire them.

The Robert Bateman Centre is easy to reach from most areas of Victoria. It’s located in the Steamship Terminal of Victoria’s Inner Harbour, making it a perfect addition to a day out by the ocean. An entry fee is charged. Book in advance to reserve a place on the guided tours that have a fee. No booking is required for the free tours held on Tuesday and Saturday afternoons.