Miniature World

Adults and children alike will be mesmerized by the detail of the tiny worlds on display in this charming museum.

Buy a ticket to Miniature World and spend an afternoon browsing case after case of exquisitely crafted miniature scenes. With so much detail in each exhibit, you could come back countless times and still notice new features. Explore over 85 displays, some inspired by literature and fantasy, others by history and real-life landmarks. Moving parts and special lighting bring the whole museum to life.

Miniature World is housed in the Empress Hotel, itself a beautiful and iconic Victoria landmark. Sustained by the passion of its founder, George Devlin, the museum has flourished since it was founded in 1971. Today, the museum continues to expand under Devlin’s guidance, with fresh ideas for miniature worlds regularly transformed into reality.

Walk the halls of the museum and see meticulously planned and executed scenes based on themes such as the old frontier, the castles of Europe and the circuses of the past. See crowds of model people frozen in moments. Peek into the gorgeously furnished rooms of two highly realistic dollhouses, which are proudly billed as being among the largest in the world.

The Great Canadian Railway is also impressive for the sheer amount of area it covers. This sprawling model railway line weaves its way through a variety of miniature landscapes and urban scenes.

The scaled-down versions of real places and things are incredible to behold, and you’ll find lots to admire in the accuracy of these exhibits. If you’re more impressed by feats of the imagination, you should pay particular attention to the more whimsical displays. Look for scenes straight from books by Dickens and Swift, as well as the realms of outer space.

Check the official website of Miniature World before you visit, as opening times vary with the seasons. Tickets can be bought online in advance, but are also available at the door. It goes without saying that younger visitors are especially likely to fall in love with Miniature World, and it’s no wonder it’s a favorite place for local teachers to bring their students. But no matter your age, you can expect to find a display here to capture your imagination.