Anzac Hill

Arrive at this lookout point at sunset to see Alice Springs as you’ve never seen it before, spread out far below against the pinks and reds of the evening sky. 

Anzac Hill is a beautiful lookout point popular with tourists and locals alike. Come here at any time of the day to be treated to panoramic views of Alice Springs and the surrounding countryside. Enjoy an especially unforgettable natural show in the evening, as the sun slips below the horizon and the skies take on a gorgeous range of colors. And don’t forget to pay your respects at the striking white war memorial that crowns the hill.

The hill is called Untyeyetweleye in the local Aboriginal language of Arrernte. It has long been a favorite place for hiking, taking photos and just getting away from it all. In 1934 the Anzac Memorial was unveiled here to commemorate those fallen in war. Today, it also marks the place where the ashes of its designer, Rev. Harry Griffiths, are buried. Spend some time at the memorial to enjoy a moment of quiet contemplation during a weekday afternoon. In the evening, expect to find more people gathered at the memorial, as it offers Anzac Hills’s best viewing point for the spectacular sunset.

Bring your camera when you head up to the top of the hill. The panoramic views that stretch out below you take in not only the rooftops of the town of Alice Springs itself but also the impressive peaks of the MacDonnell Ranges. Expect to take some of the very best photos of your trip to Alice Springs from the summit of the hill.

Choose from a range of different options for getting to the top of Anzac Hill. Those who have young children or who are unable to walk long distances are well catered for. The road that leads up the hill allows you to drive almost all the way to the summit. The stone steps inlaid into the side of the hill also offer a scenic but relatively easy way up. Stop along the way to take photos of the beautiful countryside spread out below. Alternately, follow the pretty Lions Walk trail from the town, and take the more challenging dirt trails that lead up the hill.