Florida is your ticket to a million worlds—there’s something new around every corner.

Go in any direction and Florida is full of surprises. The Everglades in the south look like a place you’d find Yoda training young Jedi Knights. Head to the heart of the state for a never-ending list of theme parks. And of course, there’s Miami with its glitzy South Beach where people watching is at its prime. So, whether you’re after the glamour of the beaches, the human cartoon characters at amusement parks, or a simple glass of OJ, Wotif has your Florida holiday on lock.

Frequently Asked Questions about Florida

Where is Universal Studios in Florida?

Universal Studios Florida is a major theme park located in Orlando. The park highlights the entertainment industry with a major focus on television and movies.

When is strawberry season in Florida?

People love Florida oranges, but they also go nuts for the strawberries. January through April is when you'll find them to be the freshest.

Where is NASA in Florida?

NASA has 10 field centres scattered throughout the country, and the one in Florida is located at Kennedy Space Center in Merritt Island.