Lake Tikitapu

Explore one of the region’s most beautiful lakes and relax on the beach beside the sparkling water.

Lake Tikitapu is also known as “Blue Lake”, because of its gorgeous sapphire waters. Lie out in the sun on the lakeside beach and cool off with a refreshing dip in the waters. Stride along the scenic walking trail and take in panoramic views of the lake.

Bring food and drinks with you and spend a day in the idyllic surroundings. Set up a base on the beach at the north end or make use of the barbecue facilities and cook a feast for your family and friends. From the picnic area above the beach, you can look down over the forest-encircled lake. Notice its striking colour; a bed of pumice and rhyolite makes the water in this collapsed volcano crater glow a deep shade of blue.

Paddle around in the lake’s calm, clean water. If you enjoy fishing, keep your feet dry and take advantage of the excellent angling on offer here instead. Rainbow trout inhabit the water and are particularly abundant between May and August when they spawn close to the shoreline.

Stretch your legs during a stroll around the lake. The woodland trail that forms a loop is just over 6 kilometres (3 miles) long and will take approximately an hour to complete. Watch for native birds such as tuis and fantails. Stop at the southeast end to marvel at the strange green waters of Lake Rotokakahi and admire the magnificent views from the lookout point on the southwest corner.

Lake Tikitapu is a 15-minute drive southeast of Rotorua. Find parking at the northern end of the lake as well as toilets and a children’s playground. Additional parking is available at the southern end between the two lakes. The lake is popular for boating and waterskiing and regularly hosts events.