Skyline Rotorua

Take in the splendid scenery during a gondola ride and jump in a luge cart to navigate your way down the exciting mountain track.

Skyline Rotorua cable car carries passengers up Mount Ngongotaha to a height of 487 metres (1,598 feet). Admiring the views isn’t the only thing to do at the summit. Sip a coffee in the café, fly over dense forest on the zip line or steer down the steep luge course.

Leave the city behind as you are silently lifted to the summit of Mount Ngongotaha inside a spacious gondola cabin. Watch the town below become smaller and smaller as you travel along the 900-metre (2,953-foot) long cable system.

Step out at the top and marvel at this remarkable vantage point. Look to the east to see sparkling waters of Lake Rotorua and the surrounding geothermal areas.

Enjoy a quick stroll and a coffee and snack at the mountaintop restaurant. Sample some local seafood or choose from an international menu that includes crêpes and pizzas.

For something more high-energy, head to the luge area. Three tracks snake down the mountain offering excitement and beautiful scenery. Climb into a small sled and race down to the bottom. If you are keen for more fun, ride the chairlift back up to the top to do it all again.

The summit also features a zip line. As you careen along this 383-metre (1,257-foot) wire, look down over a canopy of towering redwood pines. True adventure fans will want to test out the Skyswing ride too. Hold on tight as you are lifted up into the air before being dropped at speeds of up to 150 kilometres per hour (93 miles per hour).

Find the base station for Skyline Rotorua approximately 3 kilometres (2 miles) northwest of town. A separate admission fee is charged for the gondola and for each of the attractions on offer at the summit.