East Coast Tasmania

The glittering jewel of the state, East Coast Tasmania combines jaw-dropping scenery with some of the planet’s best seafood.

Paradise in every sense of the word, East Coast Tasmania is fringed by cerulean-blue waters that lap at sugar-fine sands. Discover secret coves and sweeping bays on a kayaking trip, cruise or coastal trek. Hop across the lichen-capped glittering granite rocks and listen to the wind in the sheoak trees. All aboard the seafood safari: East Coast Tasmania has some of the world’s finest fruits of the sea, as well as the top chefs to perfectly prep it.

Frequently Asked Questions about East Coast Tasmania

What animals live in Freycinet National Park?

There's a lot-and several of them are found only in Tasmania, including the eastern quoll and Tasmanian pademelon. The park is also home to wombats, wallabies and echidnas. Tasmanian devils have also been spotted, although glimpses of these shy guys are rare.

Can you drive to Wineglass Bay?

Almost! The Wineglass Bay Car Park, located at the southern end of Freycinet Drive, is the end of the line for four-wheeled vehicles. From there, you can walk to the lookout point, which is about 1.5km each way. Continue on the Wineglass Bay Track and you'll find yourself headed down to the white sands of this famous beach.

Where can I see penguins in Bicheno, Tasmania?

The penguins come ashore each evening throughout the sheltered areas of Bicheno, including Redbill Beach and Waubs Beach. You're likely to see more in the summer, and signing up for a guided tour is always a good idea. In addition to all the extra info you'll learn, you'll probably see more penguins, too. Win-win!