Maroubra Beach

A huge stretch of sand, crashing waves and peaceful bushland are what you’ll find at one of Sydney’s most popular surf beaches.

Lovingly referred to as “the bra” by locals, Maroubra Beach was Australia’s second National Surfing Reserve, and for good reason. The name Maroubra is an aboriginal word that means “like thunder,” describing the sound of the waves as they crash against the rocks and shoreline. Come to Maroubra Beach if you’re a surfer. If you’re not, you can definitely still enjoy the waves.

Swim in the dazzling blue ocean, making sure to stay between the flags. There are two lifesaving clubs along the beach so you’re in safe hands. The southern end of the beach usually has calmer waves, making it better for swimming. Dive into the Mahon ocean pool where you can swim laps or simply float around and appreciate the views.

Walk the long stretch of beach and feel the soft sand between your toes. Relax among the bushy parkland at the southern end of the beach. Here you’ll find picnic tables and plenty of shade, so it’s a great spot to rest when you have had enough sunshine. This end of the beach is so green and peaceful that you may forget you are right next to a huge city.

At the northern end of Maroubra Beach is a more suburban area with plenty of shops. Enjoy coffee or lunch in a beachfront café, where you can sit and appreciate the beautiful scenery. The area also has a playground and skate park. Sit in the shade and watch the kids play for hours.

Find bathrooms and changing facilities along the stretch of Maroubra Beach. Parking is free; during the week you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a space. There are also bus connections from multiple places in the city. The beach is a bit farther away than some of the other popular central beaches such as Bondi Beach and Coogee Beach, but it is worth making the trip to avoid large crowds.

Maroubra Beach is a perfect spot for active families. Whether you want to play Frisbee, surf or just sunbathe, “the bra” is the place to be.