Segara Beach

Join the surfers, stay at a luxury hotel and enjoy the seafood in the many restaurants near this scenic beach.

Segara Beach is a picturesque and relaxing stretch of sand on Bali’s southern headland. It is recognizable by the rocks and sand dunes that protect the city of Kuta from severe weather. Take your board out on the waves in this popular surfing area.

Rent surfboards from shoreline huts and venture out on the choppy waves near the beach. Watch skilled surfers dominating nature on powerful waves at a shore break in the sea. You can also rent boats on the beach. Since the beach is near the airport, landing flights have become a source of entertainment for beachgoers.

Purchase snacks, refreshments and souvenirs from vendors wandering along the beach. Sip coconut milk as you relax in the sun and enhance your tan. Cool down with a refreshing swim in the water. Stay until dusk and watch the sun descend beyond the horizon. The beach is less busy in the morning, which is an ideal time to jog on the firm sand along the water.

Beachcomb with your family along the sandy stretch for little treasures, such as shells and intriguing rocks. Inspect the sculptures that adorn the entrances to hotels on the beach. The luxury resorts on this stretch are equipped with swimming pools and excellent facilities. Segara Village Hotel on the eastern side of the island has been a favorite Bali vacation destination since the 1950s.

Browse the many shops at the back of the beach. This part of Kuta is packed full of bars and restaurants catering to vacationers. Explore Beachwalk Mall, Discovery Shopping Mall and others and sample the range of international cuisine offered throughout the area.

Visit the beach for free. It remains open to the public at all times. Segara Beach is on the western coast of Kuta in a region full of shops, restaurants and bars. It is just south of Kuta Beach at the point where the coastline curves a little to the west. See nearby highlights, such as Matahari Department Store Kuta Square, the Kuta Art Market and the Bali Sea Turtle Society.