Phillip Island

From penguin parades to motorsports, Phillip Island is a world beater when it comes to balancing chilled-out nature and high-octane thrills.

In Phillip Island’s slow lane, discover sleepy coastal villages fronting broad beaches. Spot koalas dozing in the gum trees or watch the nightly parade of little penguins waddling back to their rookeries. Hook a fish from the pier or enjoy waterfront dining. Change gears and experience Phillip Island’s high-octane appeal. Chase the scent of burning rubber at the annual motorcycle and car-racing champs or wax up your surfboard to take on the roaring ocean breaks.

Frequently Asked Questions about Phillip Island

How big is Phillip Island?

Phillip Island is about 26km end to end, putting it squarely in the medium-sized island category. The main township of Cowes is located in the middle of the northern side of the island, and has loads of shopping and dining. However, you won't be able to hoof it to other parts of the island, so plan on arranging transport.

Where are the penguins on Phillip Island?

The penguins make their homes in the Phillip Island Nature Park, located in the island's southwest corner. The park is a nonprofit dedicated to conservation. Not far from the penguins, you'll find Seal Rock, home to more than 16,000 fur seals.

What time is the Penguin Parade on Phillip Island?

The famous Penguin Parade begins when the penguins come ashore at sunset each night. Ticket holders should generally arrive an hour early, when the access doors open, in order to ensure good seats. There is also a visitor centre and a café to explore as you wait.