Dallas World Aquarium

There is more to this aquarium than fish; explore a South American rain forest, learn about Mayan culture and watch birds and animals under a leafy canopy.

The Dallas World Aquarium explores multiple natural environments under one roof. The name of this attraction is somewhat misleading, as it has a huge range of wildlife, not just marine and aquatic. There are a number of impressive exhibits arranged according to geographical themes over three levels.

Visit the Mundo Maya exhibit which features creatures commonly found in Maya folklore and culture, including tarantulas, flamingos and the mighty jaguar. Dozens of bird species are in this area, many of which are free-flying, creating the atmosphere of being deep in the jungle.

The aquarium allows you to see everything from giant pacific octopuses to the seahorses of southern Australia in realistic recreations of their natural habitat. One of the highlights is a tunnel that gives you an unusual perspective on the fish and marine creatures of the Indo-Pacific.
Head outdoors to the South African exhibit and enjoy an encounter with the ever-popular black-footed penguins in addition to dozens of species of birds and animals from Madagascar.

Check out the weird and wonderful species of animals and fish of the Orinoco Rainforest in South America. This seven-story exhibit includes golden lion tamarind monkeys, huge spiders, crocodiles, bats, electric eels and piranhas. The Borneo section is equally fascinating with animals unique to the wilds of Australasia.

A schedule of feeding times and performances is available on the aquarium website. If you are visiting on a weekend, don't miss the Grupo Pakal's festive dance performance. This ancient ritual features performers dressed in elaborate feathered headdresses and is a treat for young and old alike. These events are included in the ticket price.

The Dallas World Aquarium is in downtown and parking is available in nearby lots for a fee. Take public transport and receive a discount on admission price.

The aquarium is open daily except for Thanksgiving and Christmas.