Coogee Beach

Gloriously warm soft sand, historic ocean baths and the laid-back Australian beach lifestyle make this one of Sydney’s finest beaches.

At Coogee Beach enjoy powdery sand and sparkling blue ocean year-round. This large beach has plenty of activities for everyone, whether you want to splash in the waves or just stroll along the oceanfront.

Walk the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk, a 6-kilometre paved trail famous for its stunning views and string of beautiful beaches. You can hike either way and there are bus connections to the city at both ends. Although Coogee Beach is just as beautiful as Bondi Beach it is generally quieter, so it’s good to visit if you prefer to avoid crowds.

Relax in the pristine ocean and let the saltwater wash over you. Coogee Beach usually has calm waters so it’s great for kids. Float in the historic ocean pools, dating back more than a century. One of these, the McIvers Baths, is Australia’s only remaining women’s and children’s bath. Stretch your body by joining a yoga or Pilates class next to the baths.

Continue the relaxation and lay down a picnic blanket in the large park. Covered picnic huts are popular so arrive early to secure a good spot in the shade. Light a barbecue and enjoy lunch with friends and family. If you would rather eat at a restaurant, you have plenty of options. Have a refreshing cup of coffee or delicious ice cream just behind the seafront.

See what’s happening under the waves. Walk to neighbouring Gordons Bay for some of Sydney’s best snorkelling and diving. Explore reefs and kelp forests and spot a variety of fish and other sea creatures along the way.

Coogee Beach is just a 20-minute drive from central Sydney, making it very accessible. Buses frequently depart from Town Hall and Central stations, and vice versa. You can also get bus connections from nearby neighbourhoods and beaches. Use metered parking lots close to the beach; on weekends you’ll want to arrive early to secure a spot.

Bring the whole family to the versatile Coogee Beach. Enjoy some time relaxing in and around this golden sandy playground.