Pukekura Park

Relax in the sun and see a diverse range of native and exotic plant life at one of the country’s premier botanical gardens.

Discover a peaceful and idyllic environment at Pukekura Park, the pride and joy of New Plymouth. Covering an expanse of 128 acres (52 hectares) in the heart of the city, it is regarded as a garden of national significance. The park contains formal gardens, sports areas and a diverse range of landscapes. Spend a day soaking up the sunshine and find plenty of things to see and do here. In summer every year, the park hosts the Festival of Lights, when hundreds of lighting displays turn the park into an enormous, illuminated dreamland.

Rent a wooden rowboat to take out on the park’s main lake. Discover beautiful English-style gardens and a renowned cricket ground. Take great photos at the picturesque Poet’s Bridge and the man-made cascading waterfall. The large playground at the center of the park might appeal to any children in your group.

Walk through the atmospheric fernery, which contains three glass-topped grottos excavated into the hillside. Located below normal ground level, the fernery creates a temperate environment that is well suited to indoor and outdoor plants from around the world.

Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy in the park. Alternatively, get food at one of the kiosks or take a break from the hubbub outside and relax in the teahouse. The Tea House on the Lake is a popular dining spot that has resided next to the main lake since the 1930s.

Get close to the animals of Brooklands Zoo, which is located in the middle of the park. Discover a quaint, family-focused zoo with hours of fun for the whole family and no admission fee. Be sure to check out the Bowl of Brooklands, which is just a short walk from the zoo. This outdoor venue housed in a natural amphitheater regularly attracts national and international acts.

Walk to Pukekura Park from the city center of New Plymouth. It is close to most accommodations and eating options.