Mandurah is where the magic of the Indian Ocean and WA’s forests and vineyards meet.

It calls to yachties, seadogs and pleasure cruisers. Mandurah has some of Western Australia’s finest waterways: From ocean shores to estuarine waters and clean-cut canals, it’s a maritime dream. The city’s glittering waters are also front and centre when it comes to wildlife encounters, A-grade fishing, foreshore picnics and waterfront dining precincts. Head inland to experience Mandurah’s regional wines, bushland trails and ancient jarrah forests.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mandurah

When does crabbing season start in Mandurah?

Crabbing season usually runs from November through August. You'll need a license to net blue swimmer crabs (which aren't always blue!) by boat, but you can hang out on shore and catch them from there, too. Visit to make sure you're adhering to all regulations.

Are there wineries near Mandurah?

Yes! You'll find at least five wineries in the immediate area, and more as you move north toward Perth. Many of these wineries have restaurants attached to them, so you can snack while you sip on vino-classy.