Bendigo is a regional city with a twist. Its quaint old buildings aren’t faded icons of gold-rush glory – they’ve been brought careening into the 21st century.

Step beyond over the threshold of Bendigo’s heritage façades to find dazzling contemporary restaurants, art galleries and theatre venues nestled within the old walls. Bendigo’s long association with Chinese culture has richly influenced the city’s cuisines, museums and festivals. Load up on the Goldfields’ award-winning local wines and artisanal produce – you won’t find better.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bendigo

Where can I buy a myki pass in Bendigo?

You can buy a myki pass at any metro train, tram or bus station. If you're coming from out of town, then your best bet is to get the myki Explorer pass, which includes a whole day of unlimited travel on public transport, as well as a handy map, special offers to save you some money, and a souvenir wallet.

Are there trams in Bendigo?

There have been trams in Bendigo since 1890. Bendigo Tramways even offers some talking tram tours in their vintage fleet (the conductors talk, not the trams), so you can learn more about the city while you get around. It's a great way to explore-and you'll have both hands free to take some pictures, or practice your juggling.

How many pubs are in Bendigo?

Bendigo has around 30 pubs, give or take, so there's no shortage of places to get a cold one. You'll find pubs like the Axedale Tavern and Rifle Brigade Pub happy to offer you a seat and an icy beverage.