Kings Beach

Hike along scenic rainforest trails to arrive at a secluded and tranquil sandy haven that is popular with nudists and the gay community. 

Kings Beach is a picturesque and isolated sandy stretch surrounded by dense thickets of rainforest. It is known as a gay-friendly area and is surrounded by scenic nature paths with excellent views of tropical vegetation and the Pacific Ocean. Lay down a blanket for a picnic and stay all afternoon on the soft, white sand.

Stroll along the trails that meander through the verdant foliage surrounding the beach. Spot brush turkeys and occasional wallabies in the dense plant growth. At the end of the trail leading from nearby Tallow Beach, the canopy opens to reveal this secluded sandy haven.

Arrive early to get a sheltered spot in the shade of one of the pandanus trees. These look like short, full palm trees with pineapples rather than coconuts growing overhead. Move into the sunshine to work on your tan and cool down with a dip in the water. Tree-covered and jagged rock formations enclose this sandy stretch, providing excellent photo opportunities. Clamber over rocks and climb up sand dunes covered by wild grasses for impressive views of the water. Stroll from one end of the beach to the other with friends, beachcombing for shells.

Bring enough snacks, refreshments and sunscreen to last the whole time you’ll be at the beach. The lack of shops adds to the sense of seclusion and serenity. Remain for the majestic sunset and watch the changing hues of the sky. Fireflies accompany you on your way back through the forest after dark. Stay at one of the camping and RV sites in the region and sleep under the stars.

Kings Beach is 6 miles (10 kilometers) south of Byron Bay in the northeastern corner of New South Wales. Drive for about 20 minutes from the city or visit the adjacent Tallow Beach and walk through the rainforest around the headland to get here. Visit other nearby landmarks, such as Broken Head Nature Reserve, Byron Bay Golf Course and Tallow Creek.