Boomers Fountain Valley

The sounds of laughter and excitement ring through the air at this theme park with thrilling and entertaining activities for the whole family.

Spend the day at Boomers Fountain Valley, where the young and old will be thoroughly entertained. Go on a ride, play a video game or try fun sports.

Race each other on the fast-paced Go Kart track. Take the corners like a pro and try to hit the finish line first. Cool off with a fun game of Bumper Boats in the pool. These little boats are ringed with rubber like a typical bumper car and come with their own water cannons. Try to avoid being hit while you soak your family and friends.

Put on a harness and experience the sport of rock-climbing. The 32-foot-high (10-meter) artificial wall is a great place to test your arm strength and conquer your fear of heights. Don’t worry about falling, as the belay rope will keep you safe.

Tee off on the championship miniature golf course. Test your skill level on a range of obstacles, such as waterways, lighthouses and a mini Eiffel Tower.

Hit faster-moving balls at the batting cages. Put on a helmet and grab a baseball bat to compete against the pitching machines. Choose a ball speed of slow, medium or fast, depending on how confident you’re feeling.

There are also gentler activities for small children to enjoy. Jump aboard the Rio Grande Train, ride the Ferris wheel and take a spin on the samba balloons.

Spend time in the game room for a video arcade experience. Engage in an explosive space battle, go on a dinosaur adventure or beat your opponents in a fishing competition. There are races to be won and real prizes to collect.

Fill your stomach at the on-site café. Snack on classic theme-park food of popcorn, pretzels and cotton candy. Pizzas, cheeseburgers and fries are also available if you’re more hungry.

Attractions in the park are priced according to a points system, with single activity options available. Pay the entry fee online or at the gate.

Boomers Fountain Valley is an action-packed adventure waiting to happen.