Tallow Beach

Whether you’re relaxing in the sun and surf or keeping watch for some of the region’s diverse wildlife, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this broad, sandy beach.

Explore the shoreline of Tallow Beach to experience the natural beauty of the North Coast, where soft sands meet the rolling surf of the Pacific Ocean. Stretching between Cape Byron State Conservation Area and Broken Head Nature Reserve, Tallow Beach sits on the edge of the coastal wilderness and presents fantastic opportunities for wildlife spotting. Relax on the sand, swim in the waves or cast a beach-fishing line at this expansive stretch of coast.

Pick a spot to lay down your towel and spend some time relaxing on the soft sand. Looking out across the Pacific Ocean in spring or winter, you might spot whales migrating between the Great Barrier Reef and the icy waters of Antarctica. Bring your binoculars to see these magnificent creatures more clearly. The beach is also an ideal bird-watching spot. You might see pied oystercatchers prowling the shoreline for pippi shells, while osprey and white-bellied sea eagles soar overhead searching for prey. Look over the picturesque dunes to see more birds nesting in the coastal paperbark trees.

Play in the shallows or jump over the waves that curl into shore. If the tide is right, there is occasionally a good surf break on Tallow Beach. The beach is not patrolled, so make sure you keep an eye on rip tides and undercurrents.

Go for a stroll along the sands and check out the views along Cape Byron or Broken Head. Magnificent Cape Byron is the easternmost point of the Australian mainland.

Bring a picnic and spread it out at the Cosy Corner picnic grounds, where you will also find public restrooms.

Tallow Beach is located in the Arakwal National Park, 1.9 miles (3.2 kilometers) from the town of Byron Bay. The beach is a great spot for a day trip from town and can be a popular choice in the summer school vacation, so arrive early to find a spot. Be sure to bring your sun protection and plenty of drinking water.