Experience the wonders of Wollongong – the city is a trick of the eye. Stroll the streets and you’ll think you’re in a cosy coastal town.

Hit the centre, however, and you’ll find plenty of action. Dine at restaurants that serve up a variety of cuisines and bars that pour local drops. Meet local artists who draw upon their spectacular surroundings for inspiration. The Illawarra mountain range peers over the coast and wild surf beaches scored with pretty rock pools. Look around – you’ll be inspired, too.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wollongong

How do I get to the Blue Mountains from Wollongong?

Blue Mountains National Park is a 177km drive to the northwest from Wollongong CBD. The quickest route is along Great Western Highway. The drive takes about three hours and includes toll roads, which you can pay online after your journey.

Where is Nan Tien temple in Wollongong?

Nan Tien Temple is a Buddhist monastery and retreat centre, located in the suburb Berkeley. The temple is an 8.5km drive from Wollongong city centre, and takes about 12 minutes.