Song Hoai Square

Visit this charming town center to shop at market stalls for handmade crafts and to walk across the beautiful Japanese Covered Bridge. 

Located on the central coast of Vietnam, Hoi An is regarded by many as the country’s most attractive city, with the Song Hoai Square a fittingly attractive centerpiece. The area is almost totally devoid of traffic. In spite of the popularity of the town square, it is a quiet environment. Spend a few hours in this thoroughly enjoyable place to appreciate its peace and tranquility.

Once you arrive in Song Hoai Square, make your way to the edge of the river where you will find the Japanese Covered Bridge. Though small, the ornate, roofed bridge is undoubtedly the square’s most iconic feature. It was built during the 16th century and its strong earthquake-proof structure has meant that only minor restoration has been necessary since then.

As you approach the bridge, look for the monkey and dog sculptures that guard the entrance. Cross the bridge and look up to admire the fine patterns engraved onto the ceiling, combining influences from Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese culture.

Step off the bridge to stroll among the shops and vendors in Song Hoai Square. Buy fresh fish and vegetables or bargain for handmade shoes and wooden ornaments. Hoi An is known for having some of the finest quality silk in the world so don’t miss out on the opportunity to purchase stunning dresses and scarves. Many people choose to buy the silk separately and take it to one of the skilled local tailors who will turn it into a made-to-measure outfit, ready to pick up within a day or two.

Stop at one of the square’s food stalls or cafés for lunch and sit beside the river to enjoy attractive views back toward the bridge, with long canal boats passing beneath.

Song Hoai Square is located in the center of Hoi An. Walk here easily from anywhere in town.