Rosalind Park

Bendigo’s central park tells the city’s story through historic relics, heritage gardens, leafy avenues and a beautiful 19th-century conservatory.

Wander the tree-lined paths of Rosalind Park to discover a spacious public garden that has a history as long as the city’s. You’ll see historic landmarks and special gardens that retrace Bendigo’s transformation from a goldfield to a modern city. Stretch out on green lawns, find some shade under the leafy boughs of heritage trees or climb the Lookout Tower to see exceptional views across the city.

Make your way along the garden paths and imagine what Rosalind Park would have looked like in the 1850s, when it was the site of Government Camp in the fledgling gold-rush town. Today, the park has beautifully designed gardens that reflect the city’s past. Visit Lansell Gardens to see the sculpture of George Lansell, who made his fortune in the gold rush. Experience the tranquility of the water features in the Chinese Garden, which honors the influence of the local Chinese community.

The lush Fernery is a shady oasis with vibrant green fronds of exotic ferns and palms. You can also see native Victorian fern species and ancient river red gum trees. These towering gums are part of the region’s original vegetation prior to European settlement.

Stroll along the avenues of historic trees, many of which were planted in the 1800s. You’ll see European elms and oaks, as well as Australian teak trees and kauri pines. The Conservatory is an ornate home for magnificent blooms and foliage displays. See another relic from the 1800s at the Rosalind Park Cascades, which contains a heritage water feature. If you are visiting in fall, you’ll be treated to a rainbow of tulips in full bloom.

Make your way down to Bendigo Creek to see examples of 19th-century stonemasonry in the realigned riverbed, as well as iron bridges from 1882. Climb up to the Poppet Head Lookout Tower to see a panorama of Bendigo’s cityscape and a mosaic that depicts the city’s gold-rush heritage.

Rosalind Park is located in the heart of historic Bendigo and borders the city’s Central Business District, which has plenty of metered parking. The park is open at any time of the day; however, the Fernery and Conservatory are regularly closed at sunset.