Great Otway National Park

Marvel at the natural beauty of this Cape Otway reserve as you camp in dense rainforest, walk atop coastal cliffs or bike down trails flanked by ferns and waterfalls.

The Great Otway National Park is a fertile coastal reserve that includes a range of natural landscapes. Hike or bike through lush rainforests and bushland to find romantic waterfalls, striking lookouts and campsites lit up by glow worms.

Bushwalkers come to the park to make the most of the huge network of trails suitable for all fitness levels. Stroll the Maits Rest boardwalk, an easy trail that passes over lush rainforest gullies and alongside moss-covered trees. The Otway Fly treetop walk offers the opportunity to see the forest from above. Take an exhilarating ride along its zip line section.

Walk through a forest of sheoak trees to reach The Gables, a lookout with commanding views of Moonlight Head and the surrounding oceans. Look for humpback whales migrating from June to September.

Hike to Phantom Falls, where water streams 15 metres (50 feet) down into the St. George's river. Triplet Falls is another impressive Otway cascade, featuring three streams snaking through a forest of myrtle beeches.

For a challenging and unforgettable experience, conquer the Great Ocean Walk. This 104-kilometre (65-mile) trail stretches through Cape Otway, between Apollo Bay and the Twelve Apostles near Princetown.

Go to the Grey River area or Melba Gully and delight in a host of glow worms, casting their biological lights on the surrounding blackwoods and tree ferns. Camp near peaceful Lake Elizabeth or set up your tent in Blanket Bay, which features wind-weathered rock landscapes. Bookings are necessary for most campsites.

Specified mountain bike trails also crisscross the park. Zip along the Old Beechy Rail Trail, a 45-kilometre (28-mile) pathway that is suited to beginners and advanced riders alike.

Be sure to stop by the Cape Otway Lightstation during your visit. This colonial tower was the first sight of land for many early immigrants after leaving Europe. It is open daily for visitors.

Great Otway National Park is 3-hour's drive southwest of Melbourne, along the Great Ocean Road.