5 of Hobart’s best foodie hotspots

Eating and drinking is my favourite hobby. So, it’s no coincidence the foodie heaven of Hobart is my favourite capital city for a gourmet getaway. In fact, I’ve visited the Apple Isle capital seven times now and I’m yet to have a bad meal!

I’m sharing my five absolute must-dos for any Hobart visit.

1. Templo

Go for… the Italian restaurant you desperately wish was your local

It’s a big call but this might just be my favourite restaurant in Australia right now. Templo’s tiny 20-seat restaurant feels like it’s welcoming you into the home of a good friend. And with mostly communal tables, there’s a good chance your neighbours will be your mates by the end of the evening!

Templo serves ridiculously good Italian-inspired dishes with banging wine matches and a killer soundtrack to complete the vibe. Oh, and one of the friendliest teams around (and that’s saying something in Hobart). You can order à la carte from the ever-changing blackboard menu, but I reckon you’d be crazy not to select the chef’s menu and let the kitchen wow you with their magic. The gnocco fritto starter is a must and you will need to order another round. Trust me, they’re that good. Book ahead for this gem, you won’t regret it.


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2. Agrarian Kitchen

Go for… the perfect long lunch

You’ll struggle to find a better long lunch option in Australia than the Agrarian Kitchen.

Housed in an old mental asylum – how that’s for history and character?! – the large windows, high ceilings and expansive dining room are overseen by a formidable front-house team and stellar kitchen crew.

Located in New Norfolk, a 30-minute drive from Hobart – trust me, it’s worth negotiating a designated driver for this one – the AK celebrates seasonal produce in a way that many restaurants can only aspire to. We’re told many locals swing by to offer their produce.

My husband and I have made it tradition to have a lunch that doubles as dinner here before an evening flight home to Sydney and it never disappoints. Seasonality means every visit is different, but the potato scallops and housemade sourdough are menu stayers for a reason. Embrace those carbs. Holiday calories don’t count right? Which is lucky, because dessert is a must here too.


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3. Fico

Go for… a taste of authentic Italian

I’d missed out on dining at Fico my last few Hobart visits due to it always being closed for their month-long winter break. Which speaks to husband-and-wife team Federica and Oskar’s dedication to drawing inspiration from Frederica’s native Europe by taking regular mid-year trips home. Or maybe they just like to escape the Tassie chill in mid-winter… Smart either way 😉

Anyway, we scrapped into the pre-winter-break window by six days on our most recent trip and it was worth the wait. Especially in truffle season. Just look at that generous serve!

My insider tip: Opt for the ‘Let us cook for you’ menu and pretend the buzzing dining room is somewhere in sunny and warm Italy. The European hospitality might just convince you, but if it doesn’t, the perfectly al dente risotto and pasta dishes will.


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4. Salamanca Markets

Go for… the best sausage sandwich of your life

Salamanca Markets, held rain, hail or shine in Salamanca Place every Saturday, are a must-do for any first-time visitor to Hobart.

But for me, they’re a must-do for one stall and one stall alone: Silver Hill Fisch. This distinctive little van sells the most incredible salmon sausages served with whole egg mayo, zesty rocket and the most perfect crispy-on-the-bottom, soft-on-top white roll. That might sound simple but sometimes simple is best, my friends.


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5. Farm Gate Market

Go for… the congee of all congees

Salamanca Markets is definitely high on the agenda for tourists, but Sunday’s Farm Gate Markets has a distinctly local vibe. Load up on fresh local produce – a good excuse to book an apartment so you have a kitchen to take advantage of. On my most recent trip, I stayed at and loved Sullivans Cove Apartments.

But even if cooking on holidays isn’t your bag, the congee delights served up by Adam James, aka Rough Rice on the ‘Gram, are enough to get you out of bed early on a chilly Hobart morning. It’s the sort of dish that tastes like a big warm hug, topped with his expertly made ferments, and enough for this avo-toast-loving girl to reconsider her brekky options.

If you have a sweet tooth, Lady Hester donuts are another worthy breakfast option. No judgement here!


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