Looking for jaw-dropping sunsets and outback adventures you’ll carry with you forever? Make tracks to the pearl of Western Australia’s tropical north coast.

Fronted by boundless stretches of sugar-fine sand traversed by camel tracks and walking trails, the town’s beaches are the perfect playground for adventures on two feet or four. The sultry town centre is alive with the cultures and cuisines of many different nations – a quality that has defined this laid-back town since its very beginnings. With the inimitable red-rock landscapes of the Kimberley and the waveless waters of the Indian Ocean on your doorstep, Broome could be your first and last stop.

Frequently Asked Questions about Broome

How did Broome get its name?

Broome was named after Sir Frederick Broome, who became governor of Western Australia in 1883.

What are Broome pearls?

Broome has been the centre of the pearling industry since the 1880s. Broome pearls are grown in a species of pearl oyster called pinctada maxima, and they look great on just about any kind of jewellery you can imagine.