Discovery Science and Technology Centre

Wonder at the world around you at this family-friendly educational center, where kids can find inspiration and adventure in over 100 interactive exhibits.

The Discovery Science and Technology Centre is an experience not to be missed if you’re visiting Bendigo with the family. Spend a day exploring the captivating displays and hands-on activities in this fantastic family destination. With an awe-inspiring planetarium, one of the tallest vertical slides in the Southern Hemisphere and special exhibits for the next generation of scientists, the Discovery Science and Technology Centre has something for parents and kids alike.

Go on a journey through the world of scientific discovery as you interact with the center’s many different activity stations. Take a seat on a beanbag in the Bendigo Planetarium and gaze up at the state-of-the-art domed screen. You’ll be whirled through the cosmos on a guided tour of the Solar System. The stars in the sky seem close enough to touch during the astronomy presentation.

Don’t miss the center’s acclaimed Vertical Slide. This record-breaking slide has a sheer drop of nearly 30 feet (7 meters), which you can whizz down at up to 25 miles per hour (40 kilometers per hour).

The little ones will love the Kaleidoscope zone, which is designed with miniature scientists in mind. Kids under the age of 6 can explore brightly colored and fun-filled displays that teach them the basic principles of science and math. Other highlights include the echo chamber and the whacky mirrors that will play with your perception. Check the center’s program to find out about presentations and live shows in the auditorium.

The Discovery Science and Technology Centre is located alongside the Bendigo Train Station to the south of downtown. Admission costs are discounted for families, children, students and seniors. All shows are included in the price of admission. Slide rides are available three times a day and planetarium shows are presented at least once a day. The center is open daily, except for Mondays and throughout February. Visitors of all ages and abilities are welcome at the Discovery Science and Technology Centre.