Port Lincoln

Taste the fruits of the sea in Port Lincoln, one of the country’s seafood heavyweights.

Perched on the edge of the Eyre Peninsula, Port Lincoln peers out over Boston Bay and keeps an eye on the tide. Catch and cook your own seafood feast or let the experts get to work at chic restaurants and marina-side diners. There are plenty of other ways to experience Port Lincoln’s waters: go yachting, cage diving with sharks or swimming with seals. Landlubbers can have wildlife encounters, too. Check out national parks, conservation areas and bushland campgrounds.

Frequently Asked Questions about Port Lincoln

When is Tunarama in Port Lincoln?

Tunarama is held every January-as close to Australia Day as they can get it. This four-day festival celebrates the city's tuna industry with a parade, games and some interesting competitions (Tuna Toss, anyone?).