Northern Territory

Being home to some of Australia’s most iconic imagery is a big responsibility, but the Northern Territory shoulders the load and shines.

Discover the NT’s captivating landscapes, where ancient history is etched into every dustbowl desert, ochre-red rock and verdant canyon. Discover the lore of the land with diverse Aboriginal cultures and artwork that straddles the ancient and the modern. Get to the heart of the Red Centre in Alice Springs or take on the Top End in Darwin. Vast and varied national parks reveal otherworldly wonders alongside well-worn walking routes and dusty four-wheel-drive trails.

Frequently Asked Questions about Northern Territory

When is the wet season in the Northern Territory?

The Northern Territory's wet season is between November and April. Tropical cyclones and heavy monsoons hit around this time, so be mindful of the weather if you're travelling during this time of year.

How big is the Northern Territory?

The Northern Territory is the third-largest of all the Australian states and territories. It covers over 1.3 million kilometres, so yeah, it's huge. It's not highly populated, though-it's only home to about 244,000 people.

What is the longest river in the Northern Territory?

There's more than a few rivers in the Northern Territory, but only one can be the longest. We're not going to make you guess which one it is-this isn't a trivia night-so we'll just tell you that the longest river in the Northern Territory is the Roper River, and it's 500km long.