6 sanity-saving tips for road tripping with kids

Is there anything more nostalgia-inducing than a road trip? Doubt it! Whether it’s the memories of playing I Spy or asking “Are we there yet?” for the hundredth time, a road trip is one of the best holidays a family can have. And if you’re planning a road trip with your kids, then you can’t go past these six sanity-saving tips. You can thank us later 😉

1. Share the playlist

We have a music rule on our family road trips. Each family member gets to pick the same amount of songs each. We load them up onto a phone, and if you don’t like Mum’s pick? Tough. This music-ocracy means everyone gets to equally love or hate the tunes and gives us all a chance to talk about our favourite bands and singers. Yes, even the ones from the olden days 🙄 It also means we’re not listening to the Wiggles for four hours straight! Win-win!

Close up of man changing radio station while driving car.

2. Have a grab bag

Grab bags are commonly used by the military and are basically a bag packed with everything you’ll need to “grab” at a moment’s notice. Our road trip grab bags have all the things we might need while we’re in the car or at a rest stop without having to unload our jam-packed boot.

They sit in the backseat and include a change of clothes, battery power packs, blankets, headphones, colouring books, pencils, sunscreen, hand sanitiser, wet wipes and anything else I think I’ll be asked for mid-drive.

Joyful little girl playing around in her parents car

3. First-aid kit

This might seem like a no-brainer until you realise you didn’t pack it. If you have a four-legged family member on board, a pet first-aid kit is also an essential to have in the boot. Band-aids for days.

First aid articles closeup

4. Bag up a bento (or five)

We love having a bento box ready to go for each family member with pre-cut healthy snacks to keep both little kids and big kids from getting hangry in the car. Bentos sit flat on your lap and also fit neatly in car seat pockets, which helps make for a less messy meal.

Need inspo? I’m a bit low-key obsessed with Dad George from @schoollunchbox who really knows how to pack a healthy lunch for kids.

Healthy lunch or snack to go with tortilla wraps, eggs, cottage cheese, fruits and vegetables

5. Screens are your friend

Chances are your holiday will be so jam-packed with activities that there’ll be no time for screens. So I don’t feel bad letting the kids watch movies to keep them quiet (and you sane!) on a long drive. Bluetooth headphones and an iPad make it a blissfully quiet experience for us in the front seat, too.

Two Young Girls Watching Digital Tablet In Back Seat On Car Journey

6. Limit liquids

You’ve done the pre-trip toilet stop and you’ve got some designated tinkle time scheduled. Don’t undo this careful planning by handing out drink bottles willy-nilly. Monitor what your kids are drinking and keep the water bottles in the front seat – you’ll thank me later.

Young woman holding a bottle of water while sitting in the car close up

That’s it! All that’s left to do now is to sit back and enjoy the ride!

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