18 reasons you need a holiday WITHOUT your kids

If you’re a parent, you probably know the guilt that can come with going on holiday without the kids. There’s that little inner voice that keeps barging in and saying you shouldn’t go away without your little (or sometimes big) darlings by your side.

But that little voice doesn’t know what it’s talking about! Holidaying without your kids is a perfect opportunity to relax, recharge and come home an even more awesome parent. Here are 18 more reasons to plan your child-free getaway today.

1. Reconnect with your partner (and yourself!). A break from the kids is just the thing to remind you and your partner of who you are as individuals and as a couple when you’re not wearing your mummy and/or daddy hats. It’s like dating again, minus the butterflies in the tummy 🦋

Cue the romance

2. Me time. It’s a precious commodity that can be challenging to find, especially when you’ve got kids. A holiday is the perfect time to decompress and do what you like.

3. A better you. Coming home from a getaway all fresh and recharged can help you appreciate your kids even more and become an even more awesome parent. If you have a tendency to be a bit of a helicopter parent, you might even find that you come back more relaxed and comfortable with the idea of letting your kids go with (a tad) less supervision.

4. It’s a chance to try completely new things without having to worry if the kids will have fun too. Bonus: If you love your new hobby, you can share it with them when you get back home.

5. Less ‘tude. You can avoid the evil stares and moans that come with telling your kids they’re visiting two museums and an art gallery today 🙄

6. Grown-up meals. You won’t have to spend dinner (or lunch) asking your moody cherubs to put their phones away and/or stop playing with their food.

No kiddie meals at this dinner table

7. Choices – so many choices! Watch a late movie or enjoy that extra cocktail without having to worry about the kids’ bedtimes or getting back in time for the sitter (or said sitter might judge you for the the giggly state you turn up in 🍸).

8. A chance to hang out with other adults. You’ll even get to enjoy unbroken conversations that never include phrases like “Don’t do that” “Please sit down” “Can you just try to eat half your veggies?” or “Stop fighting with your sister”. Wow!

9. NO SPELLING. Yep, you’ll be able to have adult conversations that don’t require spelling out words like W-I-N-E because young ears are within hearing range.

11. Sleep on your terms. Holidaying without kids, you can sleep through the entire night or stay out the entire night. The choice is yours!

12. Be a culture vulture. Visit as many art galleries, museums, cooking classes, boutique shops and vineyards as you like. Take long, leisurely dinners and long walks exploring cities until your feet can’t take it anymore. Spoiler: It’s almost certainly longer than your kids’ legs can handle.

No need to carry any tired kiddies on this walk

13. Fewer bags. Sans the kids, you won’t need to carry a bag full of their snacks, toys, nappies, etc. It’s a literal weight off your shoulders.

14. Sleep in. See point 11. With no one to wake you at the ungodly hour of 6am, the morning is yours 😴

15. Live on the edge! Go on, try all those adventure activities you always have to distract your kids from. Go on a horseback tour and gallop instead of trotting. Ride that giant rollercoaster because everyone with you is over 140cm tall.

16. You’ll feel like a genius. Once you get over any initial guilt (we promise, you will), you’ll start to feel pretty pleased with your life choices. You might even find yourself sitting back, sipping a cocktail and quietly laughing at other parents trying to wrangle their kids. Heh heh. Suckers!

17. Morning mojitos and buffet brekkies. Enough said.

Bottoms up!

18. Do not disturb. You and your partner can make quality use of those little signs without having to worry that one of the kids will burst in 😉

Overdue for some kid-free time? Put in a call with the grandparents and plan your holiday today.

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