12 thoughts all pet owners have had while on holidays

It’s hard work being a fur parent. In fact, if you have to leave your pet to go on a trip, it can be downright… ruff. Here are 12 thoughts that have passed through the mind of every travelling pet owner, presented by members of the Wotif fur family (including our cover pup, Chief, who caught your eye on the Wotif Insider homepage. Thanks to Market Associate Amanda for the pic). Check ‘em out!

Alfie gets festive for his mum, Area Manager Shannon .

1. “I’m the worst fur parent in the world.”

You’re not, of course – not at all! The fact that you’re worrying about your pet instead of the traffic on the way to the airport kind of proves it. But the look they give you as you drag your suitcase out the front door just kills you 💔

Who could close a door on a face like this?! Bonnie the border collie gives Market Associate Rebecca the guilts.

2. “I’m never doing this again.”

This one usually hits just after your pet gives you the “Where are you going?” look – often when you’re in the cab on the way to the airport. The guilt can be overwhelming and it’s important to deal with it in a calm, sensible way. For me, that’s sending a hundred tearful messages to my best friend (and regular catsitter), begging her to “Look after my baby!!!” and send me pictures every day. Chances of one of those messages including anything for her, like a proper goodbye or a decent thankyou – zero.

Dog beaches bring out the puppy in Puka. On a run with Ecommerce Director Donna.

3. “What smells like cat pee?”

Your clothes – that’s what. The very same clothes you have to live in for the next two weeks. Yes, somewhere in between all the guilt-tripping, your pet found time to sneak into your suitcase and exact some revenge. Naturally, you won’t discover their little surprise until you’ve arrived at your hotel, giving your clothes plenty of time to… marinate. Yum.

My cat, Peanut, 10 minutes after peeing in my suitcase (20 minutes before I was due to go to the airport). No remorse.


Doesn’t matter if you’re three hours away or on the other side of the world. You and all your possessions belong to your fur baby, and anything you’ve brought from home will carry traces of them. Sometimes things you buy away from home too – I’ve tried on brand-new clothes in stores and looked down to see one of Peanut’s hairs already embedded in the fibres. HOW?!

Whatever the secret of pet hair is, Pip’s not telling. She’s too busy posing like a pro for our boss, Daniel.

Fortunately, this means you’ll always have a little piece of your pet with you, wherever you go. Unfortunately, it’s one of the gross parts.

But when they’re as cute as Betty here, you totally forgive them. She’s sticking her tongue out at Market Manager Mark.

5. “Do they miss me?”

The big question that gnaws at the back of most holidaying pet owners’ minds. The truth is your furry friend is almost certainly fine (especially if you’ve followed our tips for picking a petsitter/boarding facility). While no-one could replace you (obvs), anyone who loves animals enough to look after yours is probably going to spoil them rotten.

TFW you wonder if your cat is missing you and your petsitter sends you a WhatsApp of the happiest cat in the world. Tiger, not particularly missing Candice (Email Marketing Specialist).

6. “Have they forgotten me?”

Didn’t you read the last point? No-one can replace you! Although, I must admit to feeling a little irrational jealousy when my best friend/catsitter sends through pics of her and Peanut, happily hanging out (yes, even though I asked for them. That’s not the point!). But I promise your fur baby won’t forget you, not even after a long trip. They just might be a bit snooty for the first day or two after you get back.

Purdey, too strung out on catnip to hold a grudge. Snap by his dad, Software Engineer Stu.

7. “Can cats do Skype?”

Look, it’s a valid question and one that 16% of Aussies have tried to answer (seriously – 16% of you have tried to Skype your pet while on holiday. I’m not joking). In my experience, cats aren’t big on digital communication – they prefer real-life catch-ups (or nothing. Nothing also works). Dogs tend to be more modern. When I first moved from the Sunshine Coast to Sydney, I tried to talk to my family’s dog over the phone. It wasn’t weird at all.

Tater’s face says it all… She’s Facetiming her mum, Market Manager Liv.


Your guilt may have subsided (for now), but deep down, a little part of you still really misses your furry friend. That part is quiet most of the time, but when you see another pet, it goes ballistic. You’re cuddling that kitty or asking that dog “Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy?” before anyone can stop you. Not even their owner…

Banjo, checking out our nation’s capital with his mum, Area Manager Tori.

9. “Can I take pet treats through customs?”

It’s not your fault. You went for an innocent stroll through a farmer’s market, but somehow ended up with a carry-on bag overflowing with gourmet pet goodies. That’s okay – your fur baby will love you for it. Just make sure you check Oz’s customs and quarantine rules before you fly.

Flat out relaxing… Pixel waits for Air Operations Manager Paula to bring her some imported gourmet treats.

10. “Maybe I should take them next time?”

Maybe you should! From chilled-out beach cabanas to luxe city apartments, more and more properties are opening their doors to four-legged guests. Check out some of our faves here, or have a squiz at our top tips for travelling with pets.

Pets need holidays too! Little Belle shows Market Manager Christina how it’s done.

11. “I can’t wait to see them again.”

There comes a point in every holiday when you’re ready to go home. Usually when you’re at the airport, about to board your flight home. But that’s fine! The holiday has done its job and all your stress has melted away. You’re ready to go back to the Real World and your favourite part of it – your pet.

Feelin’ the love. Remy chills with his humans – Sr SEM Manager Jay and his wife, Krista – on the Central Coast.

12. No more thoughts. Just peace.

You’re finally home, happy-tired from your awesome break. Maybe you’re jetlagged, with a muddled body clock telling you to eat hamburgers for breakfast. That’s okay. You don’t need to do anything today, except kick back with your pet and relax. Ahh…

Home, sweet home. Trudy snuggles up to our other boss, Noah.
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