Christchurch, or “ChCh” to those in the know, is a creative, cultural university city that is both blessed and cursed by Mother Nature.

You gotta admire Christchurch. Once the grand old dame of New Zealand cities, it got ripped apart by a massive earthquake in 2011. And what did it do? The city recreated itself into a vibrant mix of old and new, all with a loving dash of Christchurch soul thrown in. But it’s not just the art and culture, the restaurants and bars, the old and the new… this city also sits at the heart of some of Mother Nature’s finest attractions.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Christchurch

What is the Metrocard?

This is a travel card that allows you to take cash-free trips on all of the city's Metro bus services. It also includes travel on the Diamond Harbour Ferry between the ports of Lyttelton and Diamond Harbour. Buy the card at the Bus Interchange and other locations, such as the Ara Institute. You can pay for friends with your Metrocard, although it works out cheaper if you each have your own card.

What's a punt?

A bet? Well, it could be, but in Christchurch the word is mostly used to refer to a thin, flat-bottomed boat powered by pushing a long pole against a riverbed. In summer you'll see hundreds of punts cruising up and down the Avon River. Rent them with an oarsman included or have a go at driving one yourself.

Where's the nearest beach to Christchurch CBD?

New Brighton is only 10km east of Christchurch's city centre and easy to get to via car, public buses and bike. It's a huge sweep of golden sand with plenty of areas to swim, surf and explore dunes. January's Kite Day is one of the city's most-loved events, when kites of all colours, shapes and sizes fill the air over the beach.

What are some popular festivals in Christchurch?

Electric Avenue is a one-day music and arts festival held in January at Hagley Park. Also in January, and at various city centre venues, is the World Busker Festival. The Christchurch Arts Festival celebrates performing arts in August/September. Try regional cuisine at December's Wine and Food Festival.