New Regent Street

Take a tram ride, go shopping and sit at a café with views of this picturesque pedestrianized street in Christchurch.

Stroll along the New Regent Street to take in the mall’s architecture, browse its variety of shops and cafés and enjoy the ambiance of what the mayor called “the most beautiful street in New Zealand” when he opened it in 1932. At the very least, New Regent Street is an icon of Christchurch and should not be missed on your visit to the Canterbury Region.

Despite its name, New Regent Street is not a recent addition to Christchurch. It’s actually heritage listed, because of the fact that all the shops here were constructed all at once, making it a forerunner of the modern-day concept of a mall.

The other reason is the street’s original Spanish Mission architectural style. All buildings have maintained their heritage colors and decorative tiles still adorn some walls. Planter boxes with colorful flowers and daisy patterns on the sidewalks enhance the overall picture.

New Regent Street may be a public street, but the outlets are all privately run. Spend some time, and maybe a few dollars, in the 38 different outlets that line the pedestrianized street. Options range from restaurants, bars and cafés, to clothing, jewelry and accessories retailers, to souvenir shops. You can even get your hair cut for a bit of pampering.

Stop for a bite to eat and watch the world go by. Being so centrally located, many office workers and visitors find the mall a perfect place to stop for lunch. Cathedral Square is just one block away and is classed as the city center, although the cathedral remains closed after the 2011 earthquake destroyed it.

Shop opening hours vary, from the early morning for most outlets, to late evening for the bars and restaurants. The street is within easy walking distance of many places within the city and bus stops are nearby. If you come by car, pay for on or off street parking nearby. Christchurch's historic trams run down the center of the street on a loop around the city. Jump on board one of these trams to get to and from New Regent Street in style.