Christchurch Parks & Gardens

Why is Christchurch called 'The Garden City'? Yep, you nailed it. Huge green spaces, beautiful botanic gardens and leafy streets make this one of New Zealand's most outdoorsy city centres.

The residents of Christchurch have been through a rough few years following the devastation caused by earthquakes in 2010 and 2011. Yet today the Garden City is back on its feet, with its huge parks and gardens once again the chilled-out oases they were before.

It's easy to see why the great Hagley Park and elegant Botanic Gardens are so special. Native trees and plants, fragrant blooms, and lovingly tended grassy areas hug the meandering Avon River. Christchurch is a postcard-worthy picture at any time of the year. But it's also a place to simply enjoy the great outdoors. The city serves up a banquet of open-air things to do in the form of festivals, community events and sporting opportunities. Jump in! You'll be feeling like a local in no time.

Image: ChristchurchNZ

The 'Garden City'

  • It won't take long to figure out why Christchurch is called the 'Garden City'. Wander along the tree-lined avenues and through the enormous parks and it'll all become clear.
  • Drift down the beautiful Avon River by pole power as you take a leisurely punting trip.
  • Following the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes, Christchurch's parks and gardens became symbols of the city's rebirth.

Image: ChristchurchNZ

Botanic Gardens

  • These gardens are the chalk to Christchurch's urban cheese. The 150-year-old gardens are a little slice of paradise, bursting with flowers and plants.
  • Wander through springtime daffodils as cherry blossoms rain down like snow or listen to the crunch of fallen leaves as the gardens turn a deep autumn gold.
  • You'll be smelling the roses as you discover the many different elegant gardens along the Avon River.

Image: ChristchurchNZ

Hagley Park

  • This is the hub of Christchurch's outdoor activities. Join the locals in jogging, biking, a game of five-a-side or a less taxing picnic.
  • Let your hair down at a summertime festival in the park. You'll find everything from the World Buskers Festival to Festival of Colours and weekend music.
  • Kids will be thrilled with all the things to do outdoors, including enjoying a lake and playground. And you? Sit back and soak up the sun.

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