Busselton Jetty Underwater Observatory

See around 300 different marine species and admire colourful tropical and subtropical corals in this unique man-made environment in Busselton.

The Busselton Jetty Underwater Observatory is a remarkable man-made marine environment at the end of Busselton Jetty. Descend 8 metres (26 feet) below the surface to peer through the 11 viewing windows. This environment features marine life, including sponges, invertebrates and many species of fish. Explore this educational facility on a tour and learn about its history at a nearby cultural museum.

Ride the jetty train from the Busselton Jetty Interpretative Centre to the underwater observatory. This small train runs 1.7 kilometres (1.1 miles) along the jetty, into Geographe Bay. Busselton Jetty Underwater Observatory is also near many other great attractions, including Busselton Beach and Port Geographe Marina.

This environmental facility is the result of nearly 10 years of planning and fundraising. Opened in 2003, the Busselton Jetty Underwater Observatory has since become an important feature of the jetty and the city. Descend a spiral staircase into the observation chamber to see vividly coloured fish and marine plants.

Stop at the Cultural Heritage Museum to learn about the history of the underwater observatory. This small museum is located in the Busselton Jetty Interpretative Centre. Shop for locally made home wares and gifts in the centre. This boat shed-style building also features a range of contemporary jewellery, books and handcrafted furniture made from recycled jetty timber.

Relax on Busselton Beach, a beautiful long stretch of fine white sand. The calm water at Geographe Bay is excellent for swimming and snorkelling and popular with families. Picnic in nearby grassy areas and discover many paved walking and cycling tracks. Busselton Beach also features cafés for brunch and coffee and restaurants serving fresh seafood and modern Australian cuisine.

Purchase tickets to the underwater observatory at the Busselton Jetty Interpretative Centre. Discounted rates apply for families and children. This facility is open daily, excluding Christmas Day. Parking bays can be found along the Busselton Beach foreshore and surrounding streets.

Tour the Busselton Jetty Underwater Observatory to learn about marine life and the history of this remarkable facility from a knowledgeable local guide.