Mount Gambier

Delve into Mount Gambier’s caves and waters and discover the gem of South Australia’s Limestone Coast.

Unlock the treasure chest to see a remarkable volcanic landscape studded with crater lakes. Peer into sapphire-coloured waters and glimmering ponds. Sunken gardens flourish in the dappled light of ancient sinkholes. Get the surrounding region served to you on a plate when you try local delights and farm-fresh produce. With walking trails, campgrounds and pretty vistas, Mount Gambier is a top spot for outdoors adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mount Gambier

How was the Blue Lake formed?

Researchers aren't certain when the Blue Lake formed, but they do know it formed through explosive volcanic eruptions. It seems the lava from the volcano mixed with water and exploded, carving out what today is a calm, mineral-rich lake. WHOA, right?

Why is the Blue Lake blue in Mt. Gambier?

The Blue Lake changes colours, and during the summer months it's cobalt blue. In the colder months, the surface of the Blue Lake is a steely grey colour. The most likely reason for the vibrant blue hue is that warm weather affects the calcium carbonate distribution in the water, which leads to a scatter of blue wavelengths. Short version: science is cool.

When is the Mount Gambier Show?

The Mount Gambier Show lands over the third Friday and Saturday each October. This family-friendly event is full of delicious food, events, fireworks and even a sideshow alley.