New Caledonia Flights

Quick, where’s the second-largest barrier reef in the world? That’s right: New Caledonia. This small French territory consists of Gran Terre, the largest island in the Pacific Ocean, and a few scattered smaller islands. Mountains, coral, beaches and people of Asian, African, European, Polynesian and indigenous descent make New Caledonia a great place to explore, so peel yourself away from that in-flight magazine and grab your bags!

Getting Around New Caledonia

The main city is Nouméa on the southeast shores of Gran Terre. This is one island where having your own car is a great idea, so check out Wotif’s car hire options. Taxis and buses are also great alternatives. You can also fly to one of the smaller Loyalty Islands or the Isle of Pines after flights to New Caledonia. Ready for the open sea? Then take a ferry or a high-speed catamaran to see even more; Wotif’s New Caledonia holiday packages will leave plenty of money in your pocket to spend on exploring.

When You Land…

If you’re on New Caledonia flights that touch down in the morning, you’ll have all day to snorkel, dive or windsurf in Prony Bay.

Landing in the afternoon? Check out the botanical gardens in Nouméa.

If you land around dinnertime, find a beachfront restaurant and enjoy fresh coconut crabs or Bougna (meat and yams wrapped in banana leaves). Yum! When you’re stuffed, lay your head down at Wotif’s accommodation in New Caledonia to recharge for the next day of adventure.

Live Like a Local

What’s a trip to paradise without some tanning, lounging and general lazing about? Enjoy the resort life and the calm lagoon on Îlot Maitre. But if you haven’t had enough adventure just yet, find a local hiking group and follow them around. You’ll get to see some little-known spots that are worth Skyping home about.

Book with Wotif

Dreaming of exotic getaways yet? We sure are. That’s why we offer cheap flights to New Caledonia. Check them all out on Wotif for an escape that practically plans itself. Enjoy your flight!

Airports in New Caledonia

  • Magenta Domestic (GEA)
  • Tontouta Intl. (NOU)

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