Why you need a plantsitter for your next holiday

In case you hadn’t noticed, Aussies are a little house-plant crazy at the mo’. Whether you’re a long-time gardener, recent millennial indoor-plant convert, or begrudging house-plant spouse, we are being surrounded by greenery 🌿

But for those of us who don’t have a fancy irrigation system… what do you do with all your precious green babies when you’re away for a couple of weeks?

May I introduce the Plantsitter. Yep that’s a thing now.

What is a plantsitter?

Just like you might pay someone to look after your pet or house while you’re away, a plantsitter is a specialist who cares for your house plants.

Considering the money you can invest in plant purchases, why tempt fate when you can send your plant babies on a little holiday of their own? They might even be happier after their getaway, just like you.

Many house and petsitters offer plant and garden care options, too. While a plantsitting specialist is wonderful, your options might depend on what’s available in your area (BRB… starting new plantsitting business).

Why you need a plantsitter

There are a few longer-term DIY house-plant watering hacks you could try before your next trip (check out a few options here). However, if you’re planning to go away for more than two weeks, if you’re travelling during Australia’s warmer months, or if you just don’t want to see your $ and love go to waste, a plantsitter can save the day.

Many plantsitters offer both pick-up and drop-off options, and many will follow any specific care instructions you have. This is handy if you have moveable house plants or prefer not to have someone in your home while you’re away. Alternatively, many plant sitters offer in-home services on agreed schedules, which work well if you have heavy pots or an outdoor garden.

How to find a plantsitter

Ask your local nursery for suggestions in your area. For all you lucky Brisbanites, be sure to check out Brisbane Plant Sitting. For other travellers around the country, take a look at MyHomeWatch.com.au, which provides plant-watering services or check out websites like HappyHouseSitters.com.au, which specialise in all types of housesitters – including people with green thumbs. Look out for those who mention their gardening skills in their bios and be specific about the types of plants you need taking care of and the level of care involved.

If all else fails and there are no plant sitters in your area, it doesn’t hurt to ask friends and family to housesit and take care of your plants while you’re away. If they’d rather stay at their own place, then why not consider transporting your green babies to their home while you’re away?

Across the ditch, you’ll also find KiwiHouseSitters.co.nz and HomeSit.co.nz. They don’t just stop at tending plants – they’re one-stop shops for all your housesitting needs.

Now you know all about plantsitters, there’s no excuse for neglecting your green babies while you’re on holiday. It’s time for everyone to enjoy a relaxing break – including our leafy friends 🌱🍃

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