How travel can help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions (seriously!)

It’s the same old drill for most of us. We make New Year’s resolutions on 31 December with good intentions, but break them by sundown on 1 January and forget about them by 2 January.

Come the following December, we trot out the list again – usually with the same outcomes.

If only there was something we could do that would assist us in keeping our New Year’s resolutions. Well guess what? There is. Pack your suitcase and hit the road because holidays can help you tick off those resolution goals… seriously!

Here are some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions and how travel can help you keep them.

Spend more time with family and friends

All work and no play… well, you know how the rest goes. Responsibility and routine tend to keep us chained to our jobs more than we would like and in the lead-up to the New Year we often vow to spend more time with our friends and family.

And there’s no better way to do it than by going on holiday together. As a bonus, travel presents an awesome opportunity to make new friends too (another common resolution).

Where to go: Anywhere, as long as you’re together! But a classic holiday destination like the Whitsundays is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Reconnecting at the Whitsundays

Make time for self-care

Be kind to your mind and your body. It sounds easy when you’re putting pen to paper, but in practice it can be difficult to cram some decent You Time into an already busy calendar. But a holiday full of massages, spa treatments, yoga classes, and other wellness sessions is a fantastic way to relax and recharge.

Where to go: Bali is home to some incredible resorts, perfect for pampering. Stick to chilled-out spots like Canggu if the party scene isn’t for you.

Get more exercise

Ah, now this one is easy. We know how hard it is to tear yourself out of bed before dawn just to go to the gym (ugh). Trying to go after a full day’s work is even more arduous (double ugh). But what about a gorgeous mountain? Climb it! A shimmering lake? Canoe it! A scenic rainforest walk? Hike it! Holiday somewhere that screams at you to get out and explore and you’ll have so much fun you’ll forget you’re also exercising. Then when you go home, you can keep up those good habits. There are plenty of bushwalks, hills and waterways near you too.

Where to go: Almost anywhere! Oz and NZ are full of incredible hiking, biking and exploring destinations. Check out the Blue Mountains, Kakadu, Queenstown, and Fox Glacier for a start.

Queenstown is home to incredible scenery and amazing hiking

Eat healthier

Okay, hear me out. While holidays can be a time when we pack on a few extra kilos as we toss out our diets and indulge in all the local delicacies, it doesn’t have to be that way. Many hotels and destinations now offer cooking classes designed for tourists, teaching you how to make iconic dishes and best use the local ingredients. Not only are these lessons fun, but they also teach practical skills you can take home and use to break the takeaway cycle by making your own delicious, healthy meals instead.

Where to go: Vietnam is home to some of the world’s best food and is a great place to brush up your cooking skills. Check out Travelling Spoon’s Ho Chi Minh cooking lessons for a class in a local’s home!

Read more

No, not more blog posts (unless they’re on the Wotif Insider, of course 😜). Books – remember them? Going away on holiday means time lounging by a pool, on the beach, or even just on a plane/bus/train – all perfect opportunities to reignite your love of good fiction or even study something new.

Where to go: This is another one you could tick off almost anywhere. But if you’re serious about upping your bookworm cred, head to Portland and Powell’s City of Books – the largest independent bookstore in the world.

Powell’s City of Books, Portland

Find a new job

Travelling means meeting new people, which makes it a golden opportunity for networking. Does one of your new holiday buds have an interesting job? Ask them how they got it. Do they love what they do? On a more practical note, some industries are more concentrated in particular cities and a holiday can be a great way to scope out your potential new home before committing to a move (or a job).

Where to go: It depends on your industry, of course, but the capital cities are full opportunities. Check out Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and more!

Take up a new hobby

Holidays are a great excuse to try something new. Learn to fish, play with your new DSLR, go surfing, take a painting class, or try something really left-of-centre like cheese- or wine-making. Get into the spirit and flavour of your destination!

Where to go: Follow your passion – literally. For fishing, head to Cairns to (hopefully) hook a giant black marlin. To learn more about wine, check out the Hunter Valley or the Yarra Valley. For artistic inspo or to practice your photography skills, go explore Melbourne’s laneways. The possibilities are endless!

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